Weekly Meeting Stimulants, Part Two

This post is a continuation of the series from the November 2016 edition of SuccessNet. See here for part one.

Share with us your ideas for meeting stimulants, or what happened when you used any of the suggestions below!

Submitted by James Vineeth, BNI Dynamic, Coimbatore, India

There could be many reasons for your success. Is your product or service priced well? Do you have unbeatable quality or unmatched service? Market presence, brand recognition, education or exposure could also all be factors. Tell us the secret behind your success in your field as part of your Weekly Presentation.

Submitted by James Vineeth, BNI Dynamic, Coimbatore, India

Sometimes we take projects that only last one day, and sometimes we take projects that last a year or longer. As part of your Weekly Presentation, tell your chapter what project is your primary focus right now.

Submitted by Stephanie Brinley, Gold Rush BNI, Fleming Island, Florida

Great for a week when you do not have a Featured Presentation! Count the room off by two’s, and split them into groups. Each group has four minutes to come up with a one minute skit demonstrating how to invite someone to BNI.

Submitted by BNI Global Support

Have each member in the chapter pick a dance style and incorporate it into their Weekly Presentation. Want an added challenge? No two members can do the same dance style.

Submitted by BNI Global Support

The week before, ask each member of your chapter to bring or wear their favorite T-shirt. During their Weekly Presentation, ask everyone to show their shirt to the group and explain how it represents their personality.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Meeting Stimulants, Part Two

  1. Create a document that you can look back on and use during multiple weekly presentations. The document can list things that make your company unique and stand out among your competitors. Then follow this with a good possible referral for your business.

  2. Give your weekly presentation like your favourite Bollywood Actor. This activity brought huge energy in the room and all members came prepared for this.

  3. Going one step further with the idea of bringing a prop: in the past our chapter has required that you act out your 60 second commercial silently while using the props you bring. This is a great way to keep the meetings fresh.

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