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BNI®’s SuccessNet is our monthly newsletter designed with our global BNI® family in mind! This is an opportunity for members, directors, and BNI® alumni to tell us the value of their BNI® experience and share their personal testimonials.

Stories here describe unique BNI® experiences, how referrals and deals came to be, obstacles were overcome, and members of the BNI® family grew personally and professionally. We also proudly feature stories that can help develop networking skills, foster new opportunities, and contribute to the BNI® culture of Givers Gain®.

Check out some highlights from this month’s edition of SuccessNet below, and don’t forget to share your story with us for future editions!

Tips for Running a Large Meeting

5 tips from BNI Bangalore, home of the largest chapter in the world (BNI Champions), on how to run a large chapter meeting. Aiming to be in a 100-person chapter? This is a must read for you. Read more

A Year of BNI Success
T.J. Wagner of BNI Northern Indiana shares his BNI story, including the journey he took from member to chapter leadership, and ultimately to Director Consultant. For him, BNI has given him an opportunity to live his passion, and celebrate in Givers Gain.  Read more

Trends in Business Networking
In the grand scheme of business, networking is a fairly new concept. As relationship marketing evolves, new issues and trends continue to pop up. Check out Dr. Ivan Misner’s take on three of these current trends. Read more

Advantages of Advanced Member Success Program
All BNI members have to attend Member Success Program, but how many attend the advanced course? What are the perks of an entire day of training? To know, you have to go.  Read more